Banners for a church with short empty walls

Problems with blank, empty, bare, vacant, church walls?

This is before banners… pretty empty huh?

We have been working on a worship banner project at Community Baptist Church in Battle Ground, Washington.

This church has 9 foot tall side walls before the ceiling starts it’s slope up. Up on the stage area is a beautiful draped cross in the center and two large blank walls on the left and right.

The right side wall is used for the projector screen and the left side wall is empty. There are also two more small front walls on the sides of the stage that are the same 9′ height  as the side walls.

Empty walls = Worship Oportunity !

We have a lot of empty space to work with!  Here is what we did….

The large left side center front was of course going to be the focal point and could hold a banner height and width of 4’ x 7’.

The front side walls and side walls could hold eight more banners with a height and width of 3’ x 4’. These can hang high enough on the 9’ walls so the fringe came down to 55 inches which is high enough to be out of the reach of small children.

This church does a lot of community outreach. They run a food bank and cook meals for the community 3 days a week. They also run a program called SAFE Ministries to bring people freedom in Christ from drug and alcohol addiction.

Praise Banners change the look immediately !

The direction we decided to go in with banners for this outreaching church was to proclaim the names of Jesus.  Who He is.  That He can be trusted to heal people and change their lives.

So, we went with a large “JESUS, He is the…” for the large front side wall and then His names with verse references for the other eight; “KING of kings” and “LORD of lords” Rev. 17:14, “Savior” Titus 2:13, “Deliverer” Romans 11:26, “Redeemer” Job 19:25, “Shepherd” Hebrews 13:20, “Messiah” John 1:41, and “Advocate” 1 John 2:1.

We have had lots of positive feedback from the Pastor and his wife as well as many members, staff, and churchgoers.

Worship Banners add a whole new feel

The Music Leader said “This is great. Now we can see the Worship Banners as we praise Him!”

One of the main reasons to have church banners is to help people to focus on God and His attributes.

Blank walls offer a great opportunity to elevate praise time in your sanctuary. Colors, shapes, and sizes of your Christian Banners can be styled to fit perfectly in your church.

We would love to help you create the perfect church banners for your church… just come visit us and see the worship banners we have created!

When you sit in this sanctuary now you are surrounded by praise banners proclaiming His names, what and who He is for everyone who trusts in Him.

And that’s a good place to be!

Praise Him !

Praising God with Banners – way cool !

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