Church Banner Distinctives – part 2…get the Banner you want.

Here’s a list of the types of banners you’ll find as you travel the interwebs, and their pros and cons.

Printed Vinyl – These are great for outdoors. When you need to promote a VBS or a special occasion at your church like Christmas / Easter programs, these are perfect! Not recommended for use inside the church for anything other than a short term promotion.

Printed Fabric – These banners are fairly inexpensive and you can print pretty much whatever you want on them. They are single layer fabric with just a rolled hem all around and need to be pulled tight by a stand. That’s where they get expensive. A stand for these banners can be anywhere from $50 to $200 each.

Embroidered – Machine embroidered banners are the Rolls Royce of the banner world. This is the way banners were made in times past, and still are produced by some companies.  However, they are very expensive! A professionally made 48 inch by 24 inch banner can run about $1,200.  Even if you have very talented seamstresses in your church who you think can do this kind of job, they will most likely tell you all about the problems, with fabric puckering and machine stress in making these types of banners.

Embellished – This has the attributes of the embroidered banner, but uses modern materials and construction to cut production time and achieve stunning effects.

Here a Master Banner Maker with at least 300 backgrounds experience works on a White Background for a Church Praise Banner.
Making the perfect Background is critical.

I will spend more time talking about the embellished banner since that is our area of expertise.

The main difference you’ll notice when viewing an embellished banner is in the different fabrics and materials used, and how these elements reflect and react to the ambient light in the room. Ambient light is not direct light, but indirect. These banners can “come alive”, when a printed banner, which may have a beautiful graphic, will appear “flat”.

Here we have a Church Banner which has black text of the Apostles Creed with highlights from Jesus' life in fabrics which reflect light and catch the eye.
A Variety of Fabrics create eye-catching details!

Usually the only sewing that goes into the embellished banners is in the background itself.

There are varying degrees of quality with embellished banners. Two factors are involved here, first the quality of the materials. Top quality materials hang better, wear better, show better, and cost more.

Second the care, methodology, and expertise of the workers who make the banner. In our experience it takes years to become a master banner maker… and that’s if you are mentored by a master!

An Embellished Church Banner can last for many years. We have customers that set-up and take-down every Worship Service year in and year out. Banners that we made in 1995 still look great. Proper storage and handling are important, and we look forward to a future blog to explain how to care for your banners.

I-am-the-Alpha-and-Omega-Church-Praise-Banner shows how ambient light reflects on different fabrics to create interest.
Banners “Come Alive” with Fancy Fabrics!

Our hope is that this blog has helped you to understand what types of Church Banners are available… and what will be right for you.

At Christian Banners for Praise and Worship we are here for you. Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you would like to see in our next blog.

If your thinking about purchasing Embellished Banners for your empty church walls,  please visit us.

Church Praise and Worship Banners can help focus our wandering minds on God, His Word, His Promises, and His Attributes.

And that’s a good thing…  Praise HIM!

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